Domaine Calmel & Joseph is the exclusive home of the Calmel & Joseph wine company, specializing in the wines of the Languedoc-Roussillon region since 1995.

Wine Cellars in the vineyards!

You can try our complete range and explore wines from one of the most dynamic French wine regions in our superb cellars looking out over the estate’s vineyards,.

You will, of course, taste the wines actually produced on the estate, as well as the other produce such as olive oil and garrigue honey.

The estate is home to 1,800 olive trees of various species, including Picholine, Lucques and Olivière, as well as beehives hidden away in the garrigue scrubland.

As we are committed to environmentally-friendly growing, we work without chemicals and you will sample products of the finest quality, reflected by the numerous awards and references we have received over the years …

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Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday : 9am-5pm
Saturday : 11am-6pm (July and August only)

Wine tastings:
Duration : 1h-1h30
Time : 11am and 4:30pm

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Verre de rosé
Table avec vin rouge